12 Habits for Healthy Lifestyle

These TWELVE habits need to be in balance for great health in the body and perfect peace in the mind.

1. Positive Mental Attitude

2. Healing Relationships

3. Healing Sensory Input & Environment

4. Mental Tension Relief & Stress Reduction

5. Right Livelihood

6. Energy Cultivation

7. Sufficient Sleep & Rest

8. Exercise:
a) Aerobic/Cardio
b) Muscle Strength - Weight-bearing
c) Flexibility
d) Coordination & Balance

9. Relief of Physical Tension

10. Healthy Digestion

11. Healing Diet

12. Detoxification

In a few months, you'll be a living example of a modern yogi.

To begin, take your time to browse for the right healthy actions to start with.

Choose those actions that:
a. you clearly understand, and
b. are doable and realistic for you at this time.

Enjoy the process. To your health, success, and happiness!

Peace Out!

~ Yogi Mir