Build More Energy:
Your Vital Lifeforce

Once, a teacher asked the students:
"What is the best way to build energy in the body?"

More Energy Naturally

"Breath work", one student answered.

"Practice Bandhas - the physical energy locks", someone else added.

"Visualize energy flowing into the body", a third student suggested.

"Consume light energy-giving foods, and eat less in general" was the fourth recommendation.

The teacher nodded in agreement. "These are all very good and effective. But they require an expenditure of energy as well. How can we get more energy without expending it?"

The listeners were silent.

After a moment, the teacher simply said: "Spend time in nature."

Nature is full of Prana, the vital life-force. Nature heals us, takes away the stress, and rebuilds our energy. This happens automatically, without our knowing, or doing anything about it.

Healthy Habit #6-1

Spend time in nature.

Out in the park, the forest, the mountains, the beach, or your own backyard garden.

Try to spend at least a few minutes each day. There's no overdose. "Nature-drunk" is the real yogic state.

Learn how Barefoot Yoga builds more energy by reducing stress.

Pranayama, or Yogic Breath Work

Pranayama means 'energy cultivation' or 'energy control'.

It is one of the best known methods for increasing Prana, your vital energy.

There are many Pranayama techniques, ranging from beginner to advanced. Most of these involve breathing, or controlling the process of breathing.

According to yoga, the quality of the breath reflects the amount of vital energy present in the body.

Through conscious practice of Pranayama, one gains control of their energy and is able to retain more energy for any specific use.

Common Pranayama Practices:

1. Deerga Swasam, or Three-Part Breath;
2. Kapalabhati, or Skull-Shining Breath;
3. Antara/Bahya Kumbhaka, or Breath Retention on Inhale/Exhale;
4. Nadi Suddhi, Nerve Purification, or Alternate Nostril Breath.

Healthy Habit #6-2

Regular Pranayama practice.

The best times for practice are in the morning upon waking up, after a yoga class, or in the evening instead of dinner.

Start with a 10-minute practice. Allow your body to adjust gradually to the inflow of new energy.

For details and instructions, please visit

"More Energy with Pranayama".

Warning: Please do not practice these techniques without the supervision of a qualified therapist.

Bhavana, or Visualization

Here is another powerful method to build more energy.

Visualizations are a form of focused thought with a specific intent, such as healing.

They are most effective when practiced in a meditative state of mind with the body fully relaxed.

Visualizations have a wide variety of uses.

Bandha, or Energy Locks

Bandhas are advanced yoga exercises to control and retain energy in the body.

Ideally, Bandhas are performed together with breath AND visualization techniques. Therefore, Bandhas should be practiced ONLY WHEN the proper breathing and visualization methods have been fully mastered.

While practicing Bandhas, the breath and the visuals should be automatically and effortlessly combined.

Bandhas should be learned from a yoga master in person.

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