Surya Rejuvenation Breathwork - Buteyko Method and Yogic Pranayama


Surya Rejuvenation Breathwork is a set of 8 breathing exercises and rejuvenation practices from ancient Pranayama and the Buteyko Method.

Pranayama breathwork

Rejuvenation Breathwork is based on ancient Yogic Pranayamas and Kriyas combined with modern scientific understanding of how oxygen and carbon dioxide moderate health and aging.

Common benefits:

- reduction in anxiety, insomnia, stress, and panic attacks

- improved digestive function

- reduction in sleep apnea episodes and asthma

- anti-aging of internal organs, facial skin, and cranium

In ancient times, these practices were secret and taught only to a select few initiated students. They must be taught in person under the careful supervision of a master Pranayama teacher, and never through a book, or a video.

It is quite possible that these breathwork and cleansing practices are the so-called "Fountain of Youth." However, in the modern fast-paced world, students do not have time for a practice that has to be done diligently every day to achieve results. People want a magic pill. These exercises are magic, but they are not "one and done." They will only work if you practice them every day. 

These exercises help cleanse and tone the digestive system, strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and optimize the blood flow to the lungs, the cranium, the brain, the skin of the face, and the scalp. This extra blood flow assists with facial rejuvenation and brain health. Additionally, practitioners are able to raise their subtle energy (Prana) to assist with meditative states.

I often think of this practice in a similar way as brushing teeth. It has to be done every day. This is the internal organ hygiene - "brushing and rinsing" of the internal organs. 

Surya Rejuvenation Breathwork contains Eight Practices:

1. Savor the Breath (Easy Box Breathing)

2. Pumps (Internal Pressure and Vacuum)

3. Agni Rising (Yoga of Inner Fire, aka Tummo, aka Agnisar Dhauti)

4. Many Long Breathholds

5. Uddhyana Prana (Main Kriya)

6. Amrita Brahmari (Nectar of Immortality)

7. One-Minute Breath (Elongation of the Breathing Pattern, aka Advanced Box Breathing)

8. Bastrika - Bahia Kumbhaka - "Monk Breath" meditation (aka "the breathless state"). 

Each exercise is mastered with practice. The order of the exercises may be changed to suit needs and abilities. 

Slava has been practicing yoga for over two decades and teaching yoga therapy, Vedanta philosophy, and healing arts since 2002. 

Slava is a certified Buteyko Breathing Method instructor. He is proficient in multiple styles of breathwork and has extensive training in clinical applications of yoga and breathwork to specific conditions such as anxiety, asthma, sleep apnea, and hypertension.