Healthy Lifestyle Coaching in San Diego

Your Path to Holistic Health   

Based on 10 Elements of Healthy Lifestyle, Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Yogic Philosophy

With so many health and fitness trends, diets, and health recommendations, it is hard to keep one’s head straight about what to do, which practice is right, and how to fit all the healthy habits and actions into a person’s already busy schedule. This is what Healthy Lifestyle Coaching is for.

This gradual, guided, and collaborative program offers specific, personalized tools to establish a lifelong healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching utilizes the 10-element healthy lifestyle system developed by Slava Kolpakov, author and health coach, and is derived from the practices and philosophical applications of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. It includes individualized yoga therapy, meditation and mindfulness instruction, stress relief techniques, chronic tension and pain management through strengthening and stretching exercises, cleansing guidance, energy cultivation, and much more. 

In addition, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching provides motivation, tracking, and accountability. Slava’s coaching program in San Diego allows one to tap into their own endless reserve of energy, healing, creativity, and happiness. 

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching/Yoga Therapy with Slava

1. Reach out to Slava to set up a coaching session;

2. Choose a Coaching Plan;

3. Track your progress together and modify as needed.

(more details of what each session includes)

Self-Guided Health Coaching

1. Browse the 10 Categories

2. Pick practices that suit you

3. Track your progress

Coaching Plans

Yoga Lifestyle = 

1. Self-transformation - toward great physical health, peaceful mind, stress-free life. 

2. Making a difference in other people's lives - through selfless actions, meaningful work, healthy community, loving relationships. 

We Work with Tapas (not the Spanish kind)

Tapas is an ancient Yogic tool for positive transformation.

Tapas means "to Burn" or "to Purify" in Sanskrit.

Going through a change, such as adopting new lifestyle habits, brings positive transformation, however there is a certain amount of discomfort that may come with changes. Yogis have welcomed this habit-forming discomfort as Purification. 

Discomfort from Positive Transformation = Tapas = Purification of one's ego and negative habits

Yogis talk about the metaphor of gold purified in a hot furnace as it gets separated from impurities. Similarly, one’s negative habits get burned with the practice of Tapas.

Every Tapas practice must be:


(you must be able to actually do it with reasonable effort)


(set parameters on when, where, how, and how long you will keep this habit)


(track your daily progress)