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"If we all lived the Yoga Lifestyle,
the world would be a better place"

Yoga lifestyle is a life of balance
between "cleaning the Mirror" and "spreading the Light"

"Just Undo it!"

"Why kill two birds with one stone, when you can feed two birds with one seed?"

"Mind in the past sinks into sadness, mind in the future is troubled by uncertainty, only mind in the present brings lasting happiness as it meditates on the action at hand."

"Is hot-room yoga contributing to Global Warming?"

"Before Enlightenment,
There's a necessary period of Endarkenment."

"We don’t remember the times 
when we sat and thought about the past. 
We only remember the times 
when we lived fully in the present."

"Some people run on Dunkin', Yogis run on ... Thankin'."

"If Oprah and Deepak Chopra got married,
We would have Oprah Chopra :-)"

"Is it time for Shavasana yet?"

"It's never too late in life 
to have fun."

"Spasibo Namaste!"

"Got Agenda?
Give It Up!
For Peace of Mind,
Empty Your Cup."

"Stress is when the mind resists what is. Stress is a state of mind resistant to current condition."

"Tummy time .. is not just for babies."

"If your thoughts are like clouds in the sky,
What is the Sky?"

"Meditate on the balance between effort and relaxation."

"You are what you eat,
You eat what you cook or prepare,
You prepare what you buy at the grocery store,
Then: you are what you buy at the grocery store???"

"When you deny the reality of the dream, 
You wake up."

A vegan baker says to a traditional baker: "I'm gonna make you a waffle you can't refuse".

"Shanti Up and Be Present!"

"Death is a junction
Where you can make a leap.
To die with a peaceful thought,
You have to cultivate it now."

"Headstand. Shoulder-stand. Understand.
Stand for Something!
If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

"If you are a true seeker, 
You are already a success.
Time is the only factor. 
And time is not important."

"Your body grows from the food you eat,
Your mind - from the sensory-planted seeds.
What sensory seeds are you planting now?"

“Often, in order to see,
Simply close the eyes.”

“If you must wear a mask, let it be a mask that helps your own growth, and serves others.”

“If we truly live many lifetimes, 
why not make a choice about what you want to do in THIS lifetime.
Instead of trying to do everything now,
just make one simple and definitive choice.
In your next lifetime, you can make a different choice.”

Mind the Gap ...

that exists after exhale ends and before inhale begins.

Mind the fleeting thoughts.
Mind the Gap that exists when one thought fades into the Subconscious and before another enters and attaches its sticky uniqueness to the mental screen.

This in-between Gap is Infinity;
This present moment exists forever. 

On and on. 
There is only this present moment. 

This Gap is a pause in your physical reality; 
it is the entry point to Nirvana.  

Nirvana is the Superconscious state, 
Where past and future are mental illusions. 

When your mind gains clarity, it becomes a clean slate
Without worry, sadness, fear, or confusion. 

But in fact, that Gap is the only thing that exists. 
That pause is the only thing that is real. 

And even though our precious ego resists
To give up its reign, you still feel

Deep down, in your core, in your heart,
that this pause is what's real.

When the mind pauses,
you experience who YOU REALLY ARE.

~ Yogi Mir

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