Lighten Up your Lifestyle with Yogi Mir!
and his Playful Profound Yoga Wisdom

"If we all lived the Yoga Lifestyle,
the world would be a better place"

Q: Is Yoga Hindu?
A: No, it's Undo.

"Just Undo it!"

~ Yogi Mir 

Yogi Mir is a yoga master from the far-away land of Siberia.

He was born out of a rainbow and has a Rainbow Body which is made of pure energy and brilliant light and allows him to live forever and be anywhere in the world at any moment in time.

Sometimes, you'll see that Yogi Mir wears a T-shirt which says "Miru Mir" in Russian. Miru Mir means "Peace to the World", or simply "Peace Out".

His reason for being here is to share the wisdom of yoga with the world, and to ensure a smooth transition to a more spiritual culture on the planet.

Yogi Mir is really YOU. He represents that deep part of you that knows the Purpose of Life, and the deeper meaning of things. He draws lessons from any experience. Yogi Mir is your True Self. He is sincere, profound, and playful. He is Happiness personified.

Yogi Mir shares his Wisdom through: 

Yoga Quotes

Yogi Whimsies (cartoon drawings)

and Inspirations

Slava Surya Kolpakov is a moderator and translator for Yogi Mir and his yoga terminology.

With yoga related questions, Ask Yogi Mir. You may also contact Slava through the Contact page.

Enjoy browsing the website. Peace Out!

~ Yogi Mir