Threads of Lights
Life's Meaning, Yoga Philosophy and Practices

Thai Massage with Neuromuscular Techniques

A Practitioner's Manual

Threads of Light draws a picture of yoga as a lifestyle practice and spiritual philosophy.

This book is a great companion for yoga practitioners and experienced yoga instructors looking for inspirational themes with which to infuse their yoga practice.

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Despite many books and courses teaching Thai Massage techniques, therapeutic application remains a confusing and inaccessible area. This high-level visual manual seeks to elucidate this challenge for students and professionals in Thai Massage. The reader will learn how to apply techniques and for whom, in the correct conditions, sequence, and pace.
This comprehensive book incorporates neuromuscular treatments for an array of conditions whilst guiding students on how to develop fluidity in transition from technique to technique. Relying on visual prompts such as photographs, muscle charts, and anatomical images, this is an invaluably practical resource for bodywork students and teachers.

Published: May 19, 2022


“Threads of Light is a lovely book. It’s full of big ideas that have been experienced and explored over a lifetime of Yoga, and captures the essence of Yogic wisdom with simplicity and sincerity. Read it to remember why you practice.”   – Natasha Rizopoulos, International Yoga Teacher

“After overloading my brain with spiritual books, I’m very selective now on what I read. I found that Threads of Light really grabbed my attention and held it. While the thoughts contained here are deep and profound, it is also a book that is enjoyable reading. Slava Kolpakov captured the essence of yoga philosophy through personal anecdotes that makes the writing come alive and uplift the reader. I highly recommend it.”    – Swami Asokananda, President of Integral Yoga Institute of New York

"Feeling grateful, a sense of kinship and re-inspired on the Yogic path after reading “The Threads of Light.” I especially enjoyed reading about childhood memories from Siberia and communion with nature experiences… A down to earth dive into the Yogic philosophy."  – Julia Ivanovna Willhite, International Yoga Teacher