Live-Stream Yoga Classes and Courses

Weekly Yoga on Zoom

Wednesdays -- 8am (11am EST)

Fridays -- 8am (11am EST)

Sundays -- 8:30am (11:30am EST)

Upcoming Workshops

"Yoga for Healthy Hips, Spine, Neck and Shoulders"

June 22, Monday 6:30-8:00pm (Eastern)

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All classes 60-Min -- $10/class -- All Levels

Props: yoga mat, folded blanket, yoga block (optional)

8am (11am EST) 


8:00am (11am EST)

8:30am (11:30am EST)

The focus of these live-stream 60-minute yoga classes will be: 

  • Improve range of motion and stability of Joints
  • Reverse bad postural habits (due to sitting too long)
  • Develop flexibility in key muscle groups (Hamstrings, hip flexors, etc.)
  • Tone digestive organs
  • Cultivate energy through Pranayama (breath) and Bandhas (energy locks)
  • Stimulate the pituitary gland and the endocrine system to lower cortisol (reduce stress)
  • Build immune system response

If the above times do not work for you, you are welcome to take a pre-recorded yoga class.