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Depression and Fears

Where to Train

Why Stigma

Where to begin?

Lupus Equals Exhaustion

Best Present Moment Practice

Spiritual Practice as an Escape?

I couldn't help commenting on the Apple Tree Story...

Just the Beginning

Arrogant Friend

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Allergic to Cold Weather

Shoulder and Back Pain from Yoga

How to Make a Living in Modern Times

Best Sleep Time During Daylight Savings

Using Yoga to Recover from Betrayal

Help with Stress and Anger

Beginning the Yoga Journey

How to maintain a yoga practice when seriously injured?

How Can a Yoga Person Wrestling with an Immune Disease Increase Their Immunity?

How do we best nurture and allow our truest self to exist?

Chronic Uveitis 

Ragweed Allergy

Possible Kundalini Awakening - What Should I Do Now?

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Why should one study Rigveda? It is full of incantations. What knowledge does it give to a man who reads it? Yogi Mir: Rig Veda is an ancient …

Arrogant friend 
Dear Yogi Mir, I have an old friend who has grown distant in recent years. He got a high-powered job and--it seemed to me--just changed his social scene. …

Ragweed allergy 
I am allergic to Ragweed from middle of August to first week of October every year, if any solution, kindly advise. Dear Om Satija, The classic …

Hi! I love the posts in your website. It's helped me immensely. I've been having chronic headache and I am quite regular at Nadi Shuddhi. However when …

Shoulder/upper back pain 
I'm not new to yoga and four weeks ago I began practicing Yoga meltdown by Jillian Michaels. I did the workout with no problem. About a week ago i started …

Chronic Uveitis treatment 
Respected Sir, I am suffering from uveitis for last 10 yrs. Symptoms: 1.Swelling inside eyes. 2.Floaters 3.Photophobic 4.Redness 5.Blurred Vision …

What is yoga remedy for infertility in both men and women?

What are your views on alcohol and yogic lifestyle? Namaste Yogi Mir: Alcohol alters one's consciousness and prevents natural development …

Depression and Fears 
Dear Yogi Mir, I am from Köln (Cologne) in Germany. For a long time I have been looking for a Meditation and Yoga teacher and I would love to visit …

For Daylight Saving Time would the hours be 11pm to 3am? 
Hi For Daylight Saving Time would the hours be 11pm to 3am? This means that sleeping from 10pm to 2am would be equivalent to 8 hours of sleep! …

Manage Stress and Anger 
Hello, I am new to the yoga lifestyle. I was wondering if you could help me find my zen. I am a very stressed-out person with some anger issues. Any advice …

Beginning the Yoga Journey 
Hello, I am starting my yoga journey and trying to figure out how to do it. I have actually decided to leave my former beliefs because I am so fascinated …

where to train 
I am seeking a yoga training course that will deepen my personal awareness, improve my confidence and give insight into all aspects of the yogic lifestyle …

Where to begin? 
I would really like to start living a yoga lifestyle but I get overwhelmed with where to begin? I would also like to start the yoga diet but I don't know …

how to maintain a yoga practice when seriously injured 
I sustained a spinal compression fracture at T12/L1 in an automobile accident on 11/30/09. I am wearing a TLCO brace and was told by P.T. not to forward …

How to make a living in modern times? 
Do you have any real advice on how to make a living without hurting myself or others? Yogi Mir's Response: In yoga, we say that if you do something …

allergic to cold weather 
Hello sir, I am allergic to cold weather, sudden climate changes. In these situation i have too much wet cough problem. Also whenever i come to contact …

Possible Kundalini Awakening - What Should I Do Now? Not rated yet
Dear Yogi Mir, I believe I am experiencing a Kundalini awakening and feel I need advice on what to do now. I am a middle-aged woman who is a serious …

Just the begining Not rated yet
I am really intersted in starting up a yoga lifestyle. I have done yoga a couple of times, just at gym classes. I am a college student and can't afford …

Using Yoga to Recover from Betrayal Not rated yet
Would you have any advice on how yoga or yogic philosophy could be used to help someone recover their balance after the shock of a significant betrayal? …

why stigma Not rated yet
Very Respected Swamiji, After much deliberations, I am compelled to write to you. I know I will have my answer. I never thought about my positive …

Apple Tree Story Comment Not rated yet
"I couldn't help commenting on the Apple tree story . Apple trees have apples to procreate. They want animals / birds to eat the apples and poop the …

How to increase immunity? Not rated yet
Respected Sir, How can a yoga person who is wrestling with an immune disease increase his immunity? What are the rules to be followed, the food to be …

Spiritual Practice as an Escape? Not rated yet
It seems one can misuse spiritual practices (yoga, meditation, and other practices from Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.), as forms of escape rather than of an …

Best Method of Breathing for Being Present Not rated yet
What is the simplest method of breathing that is most helpful for staying in the present? Yogi Mir's Answer: Keep the breath relaxed and steady. …

Our True Self Not rated yet
How do we best nurture and allow our truest self to exist? Answer by Yogi Mir This begs the question: What is our truest self? According to …

Best Present Moment Practice Not rated yet
What do you think the most accessible and simple practice there is to be in the present moment without conditions, expectations or judgments? …

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