Best Method of Breathing for Being Present

by Stephanie

What is the simplest method of breathing that is most helpful for staying in the present?

Yogi Mir's Answer:

Keep the breath relaxed and steady. Choose one aspect of the breath that can be focused on:

~ the sensation of the breath as it enters and exits the nose;

~ the temperature of the air as it enters and exits the nose;

~ the subtle sound of the breath;

~ visualize the breath as a healing vapor flowing in and out as if you are drinking an elixir of health through the air.

On the Raft
Yogi Mir’s favorite technique: The Raft and the Breath Wave. This technique involves focusing on the smoothness, the fluidity, and the uninterrupted flow of the breathing process, with the raft of your awareness riding the wave of the breath.

You may visualize a raft riding an ocean wave up and down. Center the raft in your heart region. Let the breath represent the wave. Inhale up, exhale ride down the wave.

Stay with the raft in your heart. This raft is like your trusted friend. It is always there. You may choose to swim out into the waves/thoughts of your ocean mind, but know that you can always come back to the raft in your heart. Riding the breath wave.

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