Positive Attitude in Practice

Most spiritual masters, teachers, and healers agree: Positive Attitude is the one KEY ingredient in healing.

Positive Attitude in Practice

“We are the only creatures on earth who can change our biology by what we think and feel. If you want to change your body, change your mind first”.

~Deepak Chopra, MD

A close friend of mine had a unique opportunity to observe and interview people with 'terminal illness' as they recovered using alternative healing methods.

The ones who 'made it' (were able to reverse their condition), all had one common quality ... POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

For most of them, this included:

Strength of Spirit
Spiritual Surrender

Scroll down the page to read a couple of such stories of Healing Miracles.

Choose to lead the Yoga Lifestyle now! What better way to develop a positive attitude than becoming a compassionate person, a yogi.

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Healthy Habit #1-1 Stop negative thinking
as soon as you notice it
and count your blessings.

Negative thinking and negative self-talk are normal activities that the mind likes to engage in.

Remember, we live in an energetic universe. Any negativity has an effect on your energy. It weakens you. It drains you. It creates a wide gap in your energetic immunity. Sooner or later, it manifests in the physical health.

Stop it as soon as you notice it. Turn your attention to all the good things you have. Every mistake has a lesson in it. That's positive attitude in practice.

Always Positive Attitude

One of the Yoga Sutras, a primary text of yoga, states:

"When disturbed by negative thoughts,
opposite (positive) thoughts should be envisioned/focused on."

As soon as you catch yourself blaming or regretting, STOP. Instead, appreciate what you have.

As soon as you say: "I should have done this", or "I shouldn't have made this move/taken this step", PAUSE. Notice all the good things you do have, all the good decisions you have made. Remember all the friends and guardian angels you've already met on your path.

You could even write down your negative thoughts on paper first, to get them out. Look at them, and reverse them. Feel the energy of the opposite positive feelings.

Healthy Habit #1-2 Practice Positive Affirmations.

Everything is Energy. Positive affirmations

Our body, breath, thoughts and intentions are all the same energy at different frequencies. They affect each other.

Positive affirmations are a way to send a frequency that aligns and harmonizes all other energies in you.

Try it:
INHALE, think or softly say: "Every moment as I breathe,"
EXHALE: "I feel better and better."

Go for a few minutes. You'll notice a huge difference. Try it anywhere, anytime. It's a sure and easy way to maintain positive mental attitude and reverse any negativity in your mind.

Healthy Habit #1-3 Do Karma Yoga.

Karma Yoga is selfless service.

Selfless service clears your Karma, a repository of all of our actions, good and bad, and their equally powerful and deserving reactions.

Karma Yogi

A selfless action carries no Karma, because its reaction goes out to someone else, someone who is the recipient of your selfless action. You remain free of any karmic baggage. Knowing this, you maintain your positive attitude.

Karma yoga, or selfless service, is the broom that cleans your Karmic closet.

Karma Yoga is a powerful energetic practice that cleanses your energetic and emotional constitutions and moves you closer to enlightenment.

Healthy Habit #1-4 See Humor.
Seek Laughter.

Laughter activates the relaxation response and causes the release of endorphins, brain chemicals responsible for positive and pleasurable experiences.

Seeing humor in everyday life is simply a habit. And as with any habit, it can be learned. What better way to spend your day as being surrounded with humor and laughter. Click on Yoga Jokes and Humor for some examples.

Healing Miracles

1. Love

In this well-known study, mentioned in Deepak Chopra's book "Quantum Healing", several groups of laboratory rabbits were exposed to cancer-causing chemicals. (I don't advocate this kind of thing.)

In a few weeks, all rabbit groups died of cancer, EXCEPT FOR ONE.

One group survived. These rabbits shared the same cage, but they received exactly the same food, treatment, and medication as all the other groups. They were in exactly the same environment. Nothing seemed to be any different. But why did these rabbits NOT get cancer?

After looking at the day logs, the scientists noticed that the lab assistant who took care of this particular group did something different. When he administered the medicine, he would hold, pet, and talk to each rabbit.

A simple act of LOVE saved their lives.

2. The Healing Power of Nature

This is a well-known documented case of a terminal cancer patient, who was given the dire prognosis of six weeks.

Maybe, to maintain his positive attitude, to distract himself from negative thinking, or to keep his mind from panic, he went to visit his parents on a farm. For two weeks, the patient walked in the woods, breathing in fresh air, smelling the flowers, listening to the birds. He wrote in his journal that he "found nature magical". Everything in the forest was so alive.

In two weeks, he went back to the hospital and found that cancer was in remission. Wow!

3. Healing with Intention through Sound

Once upon a time, a young yogi traveled through the Tibetan mountains in search of a teacher.

At the end of his long trek, he came across a small mountain village and observed the following scene.

A few village men were carrying a crying woman. She was in pain and a dark red stream colored her clothes as the blood gushed out of a large wound in her belly.

The men sped hastily up the hill, leaving a bloody trail.

The young yogi asked a stranger where they were taking her. To a sacred mountain temple, he found out.

He followed the painful screams up the hill.

Mountain Temple

As he walked into the round structure, the procedure of healing was about to take place.

The woman was placed in the middle on a slightly elevated bamboo bed. Her wound was already cleaned up, exposing the ugly gash. The head monk knelt beside her, holding his hands a few inches away from the wound. Thirty to forty monks mindfully formed a perfect circle around them.

Then, it began.

A deep guttural sound emerged from the head monk, "OOOMMMMMM", creating a vibration that immediately filled the temple. The monks followed suit, "OOOMMMMM".

They went on for a couple of hours, raising and adjusting the tone of the vibration. The head monk moved his hands in a circular fashion right above the woman's belly, as the young yogi observed the wound shrink in front of his eyes.

In two hours, the woman got up, no wound in sight, knelt in front of the monk in deep gratitude for a few minutes, saying her prayers, after which she gracefully walked away.

The Science Behind the Miracles

Recent popular documentaries "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do We Know?" had detailed interviews with leading quantum physicists and scientists.

Although the general public has not accepted it yet, the science is proving that the modern world-view (that physical matter is real) is a thing of the past.

What's real is Consciousness, which gives birth to energy, which presents itself as matter when we are looking for it. In other words, an atom exists only because the scientist is looking for the atom.

We cause our world into existence by believing in it.

By the same token, we cause our illness by believing it (consciously or not), or believing our predisposition to the illness.

Our glands and nerves are influenced by hate, anger, fear, depression, and other negative thoughts and feelings. Our bodies produce poisonous chemicals in response.

Instead, we need to practice continual cultivation of positive attitude in the form of joyful thoughts and loving feelings.

Anything less than feelings of Love depresses the body functions. Calm, vibrant, and joyful, Love vitalizes all body functions, propelling us toward unending life and optimal health.

This does not mean that we need to suppress or deny our negative emotions. We do need to acknowledge them also, just like passing rain clouds, and then simply re-focus on the what produces Love, and maintain positive attitude despite all odds.

“Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material. Disease in its essence is the result of conflict between Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort”.

~Edward Bach, founder of Bach Flower Essences

So the secret of perfect health is to eliminate every thought and feeling that is less than unconditional Love for everybody and everything. Toxic thoughts are the energetic cause of disease. Positive attitude, thoughts of love and healing, treat the root cause of any illness.

Healthy Habit #1-5 Practice
Loving-Kindness Meditation:

Sit comfortably. Take a few conscious breaths. Think of those you love: people and animals. Then, think of those who have given you their attention and love. Use your senses to create their image in your mind's eye. Take a couple of minutes or more. Observe the feeling in your heart, and let it spread through the rest of the body. Breathe. Savor it for a few moments.

“Suppose somebody looks at you and says, ‘Hey, how come you seem to be super happy today?’ What does that person see? Does the person see your mind? How does he or she know that you are happy? It shows in your body. That means the happiness of the mind immediately is reflected in the body. That is the proof. The same way, if you are unhappy you may be asked, ‘What's wrong with you? You don’t seem to be happy today.’ So that means every mood immediately gets reflected in the body. Every thought has a say over every molecule of the body. Even though we see the change more visibly in the face, that doesn’t mean other parts of the body are not changed. From head to foot you change. There’s no doubt about it. That is the power of mind”.

~Sri Swami Satchidananda, founder of Integral Yoga

Healthy Habit #1-6 Practice
small acts of compassion.
and get rooted in Positive Attitude.

Even if no-one can see you, perform small compassionate acts.

Do it in secret.

The idea is to set in motion the energetic vibrations of selflessness and compassion that ripple out into the Universe.

Fractal Geometry and the Chaos Theory state that "everything affects everything". For example, a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a thunderstorm in Germany.

By the same token, freeing a moth trapped in your house, picking up a piece of trash, and smiling at a stranger on the street - all go way beyond the actual act - they set in motion a whole sequence of positive events, physical and energetic.

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Positive Attitude in Practice

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