Find Your Perfect Calling:
Right Livelihood

Right Livelihood is doing what you love to do, making a good living at it, and making others' lives better.

What You Can Do

In any economy, people have to
- eat
- sleep
- have shelter
- wear clothes
- stay healthy
- learn

Consider how much opportunity there is for products and services among the above-listed necessities.

Without a doubt, every one can find a way to contribute to the well-being of others. Everyone can find their Right Livelihood.

Important to Health?

What is your Right Livelihood?

Holistic Health


Eco-friendly Product Development

Sustainable Agriculture

Special Education

Socially-Responsible Investment Planning

Eco-friendly Design and Architecture

Green Real Estate

Web & Graphic Design

Have you ever had a job that you disliked but kept, only because you had to make money?

Sometimes, we hear people say: 'My job is toxic to me'.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe you've heard it as well. Is that healthy? Can the rest of YOU be healthy if your work is draining you?

On the other hand, you may have a great job that you absolutely love, but it's not rewarding financially. A lot of volunteer positions are like that. Working at shelters, hospitals, and schools may be emotionally rewarding but does not provide you with financial security.

For balance, quality of life, and optimal health, mentally and physically, each of us must find Right Livelihood.

The most central aspect of Right Livelihood is:

"Make your life better by making others' lives better."

Ideas by Other Visitors

Sustainable Real Estate Equity For All People

A few other ideas by Shilpa in India

Scroll down toward the bottom of this page to see "What Choices Create Financial Wealth VS The Choices That Don't"

There's a saying by Zig Ziglar that goes something like this:

"Success is getting what you want by helping enough people achieve what they want."

Again, this is about improving other people's lives.

Some key questions to ask yourself:

1. "What am I doing now (in terms of work or service) that is making me happy, content, fulfilled?" ... and do that, or work toward that.

2. "What am I doing now that is helping others? What am I doing to bring happiness to others, people or animals?" ... and do that, or work toward that.

The challenge is to combine both.

Healthy Habit #5-1 Get involved in the field of work,
where you can improve your life
AND help improve the lives of others.

Start this process today. It will change your life. There are many options.

Ideas for Right Livelihood

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A. Holistic Health field
Massage Therapy and Bodywork, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Nutrition Counseling, Yoga, Spas, and Retreat centers.

B. Product Development
There are more products than people in the world.
Imagine: if each person came up with one unique and needed product or service, and made a good living from selling it.
What stops YOU from doing just that???

C. Education
Environmental education, kids with disabilities, special Ed, etc. Certain areas of education are becoming more and more lucrative, especially when it involves Yoga, dance, and animal-assisted therapy. Working with small groups, or even one-on-one, can also be financially rewarding.

D. Socially-Responsible Investing, or Investment Planning
This is becoming huge as more of us realize that all of our choices affect the world we live in, and that we can influence it by investing in the right causes.

You can create a positive change in the world by investing into the companies that care about the environment and the people (fair worker's compensation).

Invest into the companies that improve people's lives without destroying the beauty of this world, and the happiness of others.

Healthy Habit #5-2 Invest
with your values.

Alternately, you may consider getting involved in this field of work. Here's a great example of Right Livelihood: Blue Summit Financial Group.

E. Eco-friendly interior design and architecture
This includes: alternative energy power generation like solar and wind; non-toxic building materials; and FCS-certified furniture (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council).

F. Green Real Estate
All real estate at this point should be implementing some green alternatives.

One great example of such green practices is Boston Green Realty

That is where the future is. Click here for more information on Green Real Estate Network.

G. Freelance Writing
Start writing. Submit your materials to online and print publications. First, for free, to get experience, and to establish yourself as an expert writer. Travel, take classes, and talk to different people for ideas.

H. Web and Graphic Design
If you like computers and spending time in front of them.

J. Build your own Website about your passion. Share your passion with the world through the Internet. Provide valuable information. Write articles. Keep a blog. Connect with like-minded people. ... And, depending on your field, you may be able to "monetize" your website with such tools as Google Ads, affiliate programs, etc.

How to build such a professional site yourself? See the Site Build It! Demo to get an idea.

How to Start with Right Livelihood?

Transition slowly. You can't just start a new career tomorrow.

First, figure out what direction feels right for you. Then, get the proper training. Get formal education if necessary.

It may take a bit of time and financial investment to build a career, but if it's your Right Livelihood, IT'S WORTH IT. You'll love it for the rest of your life, and that will influence your HEALTH, SUCCESS, and HAPPINESS.

Tip#1: Consider Your Employer Your Banker
You can set aside a portion of your current salary to fund your education or your new endeavor. That means you need to protect your funding source - your job - until you are ready to cut the cord.

Tip#2: Write a Plan
A plan of action, or a business plan if appropriate. Most likely, much of your plan will turn out to be incorrect. But it’s not the plan that’s important … it’s the planning.

Figure out a step-by-step action course to your Right Livelihood, and don't worry about getting it right.

Tip#3: Get Support from Friends and Family
Your closest relationships need to be supportive of your new endeavor. If it isn’t a shared dream, or if your spouse is resentful of the time you are spending away from family, you’re adding stress on your relationship.

Talk frequently about your dream. Paint a picture in words. Get your loved ones in on it. Tell them why you are excited about it.

What Choices Create Financial Wealth?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known and highly-respected business author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, if you want to be wealthy, you need to be a business owner and an investor.

Own a business AND/OR invest.
(Just make sure to do what you love and invest with your values).

Already Found the Right Livelihood?

Consider volunteering!

Volunteering with a non-profit organization will broaden your life experiences while helping others at the same time. Donating your time toward improving the lives of people, animals, or the environment could significantly improve your own positive outlook.

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