Healthy Environment and Healing Sensory Intake

Personal Favorite

One of my personal favorite ways to immerse in a healthy environment and create healing sensory images is to spend time in Nature.

Healthy Habit #3-1 Spend time out in nature.

Hiking, biking, surfing, climbing, beach walking, bird watching, or hill-top gazing. Or just take a walk around your own neighborhood.

Have no other intention. Just be there with Nature, paying attention to the earth, the sky, the trees, and the wildlife. Ideally, every day. At a minimum once a week.

We have to stay connected to the SOURCE OF ALL LIFE - MOTHER NATURE. This is where we heal, get rejuvenated, and become more our Selves. It is the most perfect healthy environment we can be in.

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Healing the Senses

Our mind is made up of what we receive through the senses. Whether we are in a healthy environment or not, everything we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch makes an imprint.

Just like the body is made of the food we eat, sensory impressions make up the mind.

What does it mean?

It means that we can influence our mind through the sensory choices we make.

Being in a healthy environment WILL heal the 'scars' in the mind. Healthy environment is full of positive healing sensory attributes.

Negative environment will have the opposite effect, just as powerfully. If we are subjected to violence, aggression, competition, pain, and bad news, OUR MIND literally BECOMES THAT.

We must be very selective in our sensory choices if we want to experience REAL MENTAL HEALTH.

Healthy Habit #3-2 Be mindful of the TV programs,
shows, movies, newspapers,
books, magazines, and Internet media.

They are in business. Choose the ones that are positive, and the ones that add a real value to your well-being and health.

Healthy Habit #3-3 Look at what you see,
read, and hear through the lens of
"Will this make me more peaceful,
more loving, more selfless?"

We can have some degree of control over our mind by 'feeding' it positive impressions. In Yoga, this faculty of the mind that is exercising control is called BUDDHI, which means Discriminative Intelligence.

We should always try to spend more time with the BUDDHI and less with the Ego.

Ayurvedic Perspective

According to Ayurveda, all diseases arise from the wrong use of the senses, which may be excessive, deficient, or improper.

Excessive sensory environment means overload. If you overeat, you'll get indigestion. If you overload your senses, indigestion happens in the mind. This may lead to anxiety, lack of focus, ADD or ADHD, disturbed thinking, and other mental disorders.

Deficient use of certain healing colors, sounds, and sensations is just as problematic. For example, if a baby does not experience the sense of loving touch, its immune system will be low. In some real-life cases, it would be too low to survive.

The sciences of yoga and Ayurveda give many recommendations for creating a healthy environment through the proper use of the senses.

Read more about them below.

Sensory Healing

Healthy Habit #3-4 Create a healthy environment
and sensory healing
through the use of healing colors
wherever you spend the most time:
bedroom, dining room, office.

Light blue, green, and beige are more healing and calming. Light yellow, and deep earthy orange are more healing and energizing.

Next time you paint the walls, hang curtains, or buy furniture, think of the healing colors above.

Healthy Habit #3-5 Create sensory healing
with positive visual images.

Look around your house: What creates a positive feeling in you?

Images of nature. Flowers. Plants. Great art. Photos and paintings.

Healthy Habit #3-6 Create sensory healing
through the use of healing sounds.

Put a bird bath or a bird feeder outside. Have a selection of music which creates healing and positive feeling in you.

Avoid any music that's jarring, harsh, or aggressive. Unless, that is what you want to feel. Your physical body will register and 'copy' any sensory intake, no matter if it's healing or disturbing.

Healthy Habit #3-7 Use different scents and aromas
for healing, relaxation, and well-being.

Play with different scents that make YOU feel good and relaxed. Your own feeling - your smell and your nose - are your best guides.

Just a couple of favorite scents, in the form of a candle or a scent diffuser, make a huge difference in making you feel relaxed and create a healing environment.

Healthy Habit #3-8 Clear physical clutter.

If your physical space is cluttered, your mind will pick up on that.

Take a look around your physical space. Get rid of unnecessary stuff. Get a box, walk around the house, and place in it anything that you haven't used in a while and don't absolutely need. Give the box away - human and animal shelters would appreciate it.

Practice simplicity. See how this is related to APARIGRAHA, one of the main yoga values by clicking here.

Healthy Habit #3-9 Take a look at your bookshelves
and the DVD/video library,
and replace anything negative with positive.

Consider getting rid of those books and movies that are 'downers' and have violence and aggression in them.

Instead, get some positive uplifting books and movies. Some of my favorite movies are:

"Love, Actually"
"Along Came Polly"
"Pink Panther"
"Happy Feet"
"Mad Hot Ballroom"
"Mama Mia"
"Don Juan DeMarco"

Please feel free to make your suggestions by contacting me here.

I will add your suggestions to this list. If I have enough really good positive (YOGIC) movies that contribute to YOUR healthy environment, I'll make a separate webpage for them.

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