Relieve Muscle Tension

Healthy Habit #9-1 Stretch every day.

Just take 10 minutes a day to stretch all major muscle groups:
* The back of the legs (Hamstrings);
* The front of the hips (Hip Flexors);
* The chest (Pectorals);
* The sides of the trunk (Lats and Obliques);
* The top of the shoulders (Upper Trapezius); and
* The neck (all around).

If you already have an exercise routine, that's great. Just include some stretching 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after.

If you need help with specific stretches for these muscle groups, contact Slava or find a good personal trainer/yoga teacher in your area.

Healthy Habit #9-2 Practice some
restorative yoga poses.

Restorative yoga focuses on releasing muscles rather than stretching muscles.

It's a great addition to your stretching routine and strength-training.

Ideally, do some strength-training first, then stretch, and finally, hang out in a restorative yoga pose to release a particular muscle group.

Contact Surya for Restorative Yoga recommendations to release specific muscle groups.

Healthy Habit #9-3 Get a Massage!

Receive massage therapy such as Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, Thai massage, Structural Integration, or any other bodywork method that works on the myo-fascial layer (muscles and connective tissue), improves your posture, and reduces chronic tension.

This is Surya's Massage Therapy Center in Boston: East West Massage Therapy for Muscle Tension

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