Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga and
the Ashta Spanda

"Awakening to a Healing Current"

Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga is a form of yoga therapy aimed at awakening and experiencing natural healing rhythms and cycles in and around us.

Quantum Rhythm Yoga

The foundational principle of Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga is:

“We create our own reality”
"We create our own unique body every moment of our lives.”

Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga Workshop Schedule

Developed by a yoga therapist and holistic body therapist Surya Kolpakov in 2008, Quantum Rhythm Yoga™ is a therapeutic system of yoga intended to evoke the healing process on every level through intention, meditation, visualizations, breath work, and movement.

Cycles and rhythms are the core of nature, from the smallest vibrations of the cells and atoms to the spiraling galaxies and pulsating universes.

Rhythms are natural and healthy. When we, as individuals, living in today's world with artificial lighting, central heating, and air-conditioning, disconnect from nature, we flatten our own natural rhythms and disconnect from health. Disease is the inevitable outcome.

Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga awakens our internal cycles and connects us to the nature's rhythms, thereby restoring health.

Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga utilizes eight rhythms (the AshtaSpanda) of the body-mind to harmonize our cell vibrations and promote health and healing. Asthaspanda is a Sanskrit word for "Eight Rhythms" (Ashta - "eight", Spanda - "rhythm").

Natural Rhythms

As a yoga practice, Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga develops a new level of awareness and is a great adjunct to any style of yoga or any form of exercise.

Surya Kolpakov teaches Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga in a short workshop format and in private sessions.

Quantum Rhythm™ Yoga Workshop Schedule

The AshtaSpanda: Eight Rhythms of the Body-Mind

1. Sound
The first and most primal rhythm. The Big Bang. The humming of every cell, every molecule. Om to feel it. Chant other chants to create peaceful vibrations. Practice Mantra meditations. Listen to healing sounds (nature, music) and let your body and mind partake in their rhythms.

2. Breath
Your breath is your body's main rhythm. Like a radio-set you emit your unique frequency with the breath every moment of your life. Connect to it. Allow it to carry a healing quality, entraining and harmonizing all other rhythms and energies in you.

3. Physical Flow
Let your movements be smooth and fluid. Flow with grace. Rock a rhythm. Let the whole body fall into a rhythm as you move, cradling every cell with that vibration.

4. Isometric
Pulse with the breath. Lengthen and soften. Engage and release. Flush the tissues with a rhythmic pulsation.

5. Intentional energetic
Trace and guide your awareness through your body lines and meridians. Let the energy travel guided by awareness, from you heart center out the arms, from the belly center up the trunk, and down the legs. Let it flow, let it spiral, let it radiate. Connect it to the breath. Let it create healing.

6. Involuntary
Become a quiet witness. Notice what flows, what moves. The heart beat. The blood flow. The nerves. The energetic pathways, the Nadis. Allow them to be healing. Every involuntary movement, every sensation, every pulsation.

7. Emotional
Witness what you feel in your energy centers. On a polarity spectrum: How do you feel in your belly? Pleasant/stagnant. How do you feel in your heart? Open/stuck. How do you feel in your third eye? Awake/Dull.

8. Mental
Take a look at your mind. Is your mind like a turbulent ocean with many waves going each and every way? Or is it like a calm and crystal-clear lake? Turn your attention to it. Let it reflect your looking at it. Observe the thoughts like clouds floating by, reflected in the lake’s surface. Is your mind calm or busy? Is it focused or scattered?