Positive Action

Choose one or more of the following Tapas practices.

Karma Yoga - Service

1. In the morning of each day, remind yourself to do 1 selfless action that helps others (people, animals, trees, etc.)

2. Determine which action this day you're doing as selfless service/no strings attached.

Karma Yoga is selfless service.

Karma yoga is the broom that cleans your Karmic closet.

Selfless service clears your Karma, a repository of all of our actions, good and bad, and their equally powerful and deserving reactions. A selfless action carries no Karma because its reaction goes out to someone else, someone who is the recipient of your selfless action. 

Karma Yoga is a powerful practice that cleanses your energetic and emotional constitutions and ensures a meaningful life well-lived, and, ultimately, moves you closer to enlightenment.

# Selfless Acts of Compassion

1. Cue your mind in the morning to notice an opportunity during the day and take the action to help another living being, or the planet. 

The idea is to set in motion the energetic vibrations of selflessness and compassion that ripple out into the Universe.

The Chaos Theory claims that "everything affects everything". A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a thunderstorm in Germany.

By the same token, such simple selfless acts as freeing a moth trapped in your house, picking up a piece of trash on the street, wiping the toilet and the sink in a public restroom, smiling at a stranger on the street, or in traffic -  all set in motion a whole sequence of positive events, physical and energetic. 

# Right Livelihood

1. Schedule a specific amount of time, each day, to move yourself toward your desired goal. Read more about Right Livelihood

2. This work must be done in stages, one little step at a time. Start with a time frame that is doable right now.