Where to begin?

by Hali
(Tulsa, OK)

I would really like to start living a yoga lifestyle but I get overwhelmed with where to begin? I would also like to start the yoga diet but I don't know where to really start with that either after eating crap food for so long? Please help. Thank you!

Yogi Mir's Answer

Dear Hali,

You already have began your practice.

Awareness is the first step. You are already aware that personal development is necessary to live a more peaceful life. That takes you half-way there. Simply continue to be aware and develop further awareness of your actions, words, and thoughts, and their impact on yourself and others.

Now, to help you progress on the Yogic Path, you just need to figure out some simple details. These are individual changes that you need to make.

What is the goal of yoga? ...To gain full mastery over the ego mind; to have a total peace of mind in any situation no matter how challenging.

Before you do anything, ask yourself: "Will this action make me more calm and centered, or will it cause more stress?"

This applies to everything:

- before you eat certain foods (i.e. will eating processed sugary food cause my mind to be at peace or disturb the mind?)

- in conversations with others

- watching certain TV shows, movies, etc.

- doing any type of exercise (including 'yoga')

Will it make you more peaceful or more stressed?

Start to develop what we call in yoga: Buddhi, or 'discriminative intelligence'.

Soon, it will become a habit, and you will find it easier and easier to maintain balance and equanimity in the most difficult situations.

That's when you will know that you are a real yogi.

But above all, don't stress about any setbacks. Like the Buddha said, "Just do your best."

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