Rejuvenation and Sleep

Select from the following Tapas practices:

# Get Enough Sleep

This may seem like an obvious one.

Did you know that sleep before midnight is twice more restful/valuable for brain health, cellular rejuvenation, and muscle recovery than sleep after 12am? (see the side bar)

1. Determine how you are going to get your 7.5 hours, i.e. when to hit the pillow, and when to get up. 

2. Stick to your plan for a specific length of time (1 week, etc.).

Good Habits for Better Sleep

# Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep and love

No reading. No TV. No Internet. No phone. No discussions. Your bedroom is a place for sleep and love. Design it accordingly. Try to address all five senses. Calming colors like beige, light blue, or pastel green. Quiet atmosphere. Pleasant scent. Soft bedding.

# Go to bed early

Early to bed, early to rise. Going to bed around 10pm is the most natural time for our biology. Sleep researchers claim that "one hour before 2am is worth two hours after 2am". This means that sleeping from 10pm to 4am would be equivalent to 8 hours of sleep!

# Get yourself physically tired

We have all day for that. Have you noticed that people who work in physical labor have no problem with good sleep?

Put your energy to use. Take a long walk after dinner. Do fifteen minutes of Sun Salutations, stretches, and or strength exercises. 

# Practice Abdominal Breath to induce Relaxation Response

This can be done while still sitting up or lying down. Details: Abdominal Breath for Restful Sleep and Relaxation.

Mental stress causes insomnia and poor-quality sleep. For insights and healthy habits on how to reduce stress, please visit the Stress Relief page.

# Connect to Nature Every Day

One of my personal favorite ways to rejuvenate is to spend time in Nature.

Hiking, trail running, biking, surfing, rock climbing, beach walking, bird watching, gardening, or hill-top gazing. Feel the earth under your feet, breathe outdoor air, gaze into the distance. 

Mother Nature is the source-ress of all life. This is where we heal, get rejuvenated, and align with our real selves.