Possible Kundalini Awakening - What Should I Do Now?

Dear Yogi Mir,

I believe I am experiencing a Kundalini awakening and feel I need advice on what to do now. I am a middle-aged woman who is a serious practitioner of yoga, physically and philosophically, and more recently, spiritually. I study scripture (Vedic and others), the yoga sutras, and the written works of other great yoga masters. I have felt for a while as if I have been teetering on the edge between a resolving episode of serious depression related to several major losses in my life, and a spiritual breakthrough.

Recently I have been practicing a strong Forrest-style yoga on a daily basis. It has involved a lot of pranayama and pelvic floor work. Yesterday evening, uncharacteristically, I had to leave class early because of dizziness, weakness, and overheating. Starting this afternoon, and continuing on for over 6 hours as of this writing, I have been having what I could only call total body/brain orgasms along with involuntary vocalizations/movements. I also feel that I am having a blissful mystical experience of oneness with the universe, continuously, including between the "orgasms". I have had mystical experiences like this before, but never any lasting so long or accompanied by "orgasms". What should I do now?

I'm sorry for the awkwardness of the topic, but this is a serious inquiry about an exciting but unnerving experience, and I don't know who else to ask about it. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and expertise in the service of yoga and humanity.


Dear Shushanti,

It sounds like you are experiencing Kriyas, spontaneous energetic releases.

Certain individuals are more susceptible to Kriyas and experiencing energy in this way.

As you mention, Kriyas are often accompanied by vocalizations, involuntary movements, and orgasms.

In itself, It's an awesome experience, and you are fortunate to have it.

However, if you are feeling dizzy and nauseous, it's best to calm the nervous system a little bit.

Kriyas are an expression of Vata - the energy of air, motion, and pain. Your Vata is certainly out of balance. If it causes no ill effects, no problem.

In your case though, it's best to balance Vata.

Vata is balance by cultivating Kapha - the energy of love, warmth, and stability.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Movement. Avoid rapid, erratic, and excessive movement at this time. Instead, find a way to rest and relax a little more than usual. Take a long hot bath. Sleep a little longer. If you do yoga asana practice, hold your easy poses for a long time, and try to relax in them.

2. Oil. Use sesame or coconut oil before your bath all over the body.

3. Food. Avoid spicy foods, raw foods, and cold food at this time. Instead, cook all of your food. Use root vegetables: potatoes, beets, carrots. Include hot soups and stews. Drink warm tea, and milk (1 glass) mixed with Honey (1 tbs) and Turmeric (1 tbs) (I prefer Almond milk).

4. Breathe. Lie down on your back, with a bolster under your knees, and focus on taking long slow breaths into your abdomen. Place hands on your abdomen during the whole practice. 10 minutes.

After a couple of days of these simple practices, your Kriyas will subside. You may still feel elated, and experience the Oneness and Peace, but any discomfort should pass.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

~ Yogi Mir

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