Nutritional Supplements

Taking nutritional supplements is not natural.

No matter how "natural" nutritional supplements are, they lack the wisdom of nature, inherent in fresh living foods.

Why take them then?

How many of us live natural lives?

Consider the following:

We sit most of the day. That's not natural.

We drive cars. That's not natural.

We breathe car fumes, as well as thousands of other carcinogenic compounds found even in the Arctic.

We eat processed, frozen, cooked foods. Do you know any other animal that cooks, freezes, and processes its foods?

We drink water out of plastic bottles.

We put a filter on the faucet to purify our water. Do you think a filter can simulate nature's delicate processes of filtering water through the earth's crust over centuries?

We store our food in plastic.

We get mentally stressed out due to the fast pace and the demands of today's society.

You can probably add a few more unnatural things we do.

As a result, we have an unnaturally high amount of toxins stored in our body.

It's so unnaturally high, that we can't get rid of all these toxins naturally anymore.

These high toxicities (which are responsible for allergies, many auto-immune disorders, and possibly cancer) can only be effectively neutralized with equally drastic unnatural methods like colonic cleansing, far-infrared sauna, and taking regular nutritional supplements.

Healthy Habit #12-9-1 Supplement
your healthy diet with high-quality
nutritional supplements that provide
the full spectrum support for your body.

If you live on an organic farm, grow your own food, eat mostly plants full of antioxidants, drink pure spring or well water, and breathe clean mountain air, you DO NOT need nutritional supplements.

Otherwise, you'll feel significantly better if you supplement your healthy diet.

Toxic Supplements

The great majority of dietary supplements, including multivitamins, are safe for regular use.

Despite widespread usage, there have been no specific published reports of toxicity or adverse effects associated with the proper use of multivitamins.

While extremely high levels of single nutrients and foods may pose a risk of danger and toxicity (as with anything else that's out of balance), the only two nutritional supplements to watch out for are Vitamin A (NOT beta-carotene) and Iron. These two may have toxic levels themselves.

Check with your nutritionist, nutrition counselor, or a knowledgeable holistic health professional about specific amounts.

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