The more you meditate,
the more you manifest

When you sit down to meditate, the first thing you notice is how busy your mind is. 

As you try to focus, your mind gets distracted over and over again. 

Yet, with practice, it becomes easier to focus. You learn to recognize recurring distractions, and you learn to let them go. You develop a habit of ignoring distractions. Your mind gains focusing power.

What happens next is a miracle. 

A mind with tremendous focusing power, cultivated by hours of concentrated effort, becomes a powerful tool for manifesting reality. With such a mind, anything is possible. You are able to focus on accomplishing any task with rare efficiency. When non-meditators get side-tracked and distracted, you are able to maintain laser-beam focus.

On a more subtle level, a focused mind sends out powerful energetic ripples of whatever you would like to happen in your life. Things fall into place. Doors open. You start feeling that your life flows gently down the stream instead of working against it.   

Meditate and Manifest! 

Peace Out!

~ Yogi Mir