"Many Messy Meditations ...

... lead to Crystal Clear Concentration." Eventually. 

No one is able to meditate on their first attempt. Most people cannot even focus on one thing for more than ten seconds. But that is not the point of this practice. 

When you attempt to meditate, the point is to get into a habit of focusing the mind. As most habits, it has to be learned and it takes time. And as with most habits, once learned, concentration becomes easy and natural.

In fact, it becomes hard not to want to do it. Why? Because it feels so good!!!

It feels great to have a razor-sharp focus, to see things clearly, to clear the mind and enjoy the Inner Calm whenever you wish, to reduce mental chatter and distractions, and to maintain Inner Peace regardless of circumstances. 

The only way to get that focus and its numerous benefits is to commit yourself to many messy (i.e. distracted, hard, frustrating) sessions of meditation attempts.

But don't even think about the results. Commit to the process itself. Be OK with the "mess" in your mind. Get to know the thought patterns and the flurry of ideas that often flood our heads. 

Pause for Peace!

~ Yogi Mir

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