Just the begining

I am really intersted in starting up a yoga lifestyle. I have done yoga a couple of times, just at gym classes. I am a college student and can't afford to go to classes at any studios.
I wanted to know the best way to go about starting this up from home. I have a busy schedule constantly and need to clear my mind and slow down to enjoy life more.

Yogi Mir's Response:

If yoga classes, or finding a yoga teacher, is not an option, as a beginning student, it is OK to start by yourself with a great book on yoga.

Many yogis around the world started that way. In fact, I remember my own father studying yoga from a book in a language he could not read, and yet he was diligent about practicing and open to the experience of yoga.

I would recommend getting "Moving into Stillness" by Erich Shiffmann. It's a great and simple book, perfect for beginners, and more advanced students. Erich's instructions are clear and safe enough to avoid injuries.

Good luck!

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