How to make a living in modern times?

Do you have any real advice on how to make a living without hurting myself or others?

Yogi Mir's Response:

In yoga, we say that if you do something for a long time, without a break, and you take your work seriously, you'll become great at it. Usually we say this about yoga practice or meditation.

You can apply this attitude to your work: for a long time, consistently, and earnestly.

I cannot tell you what type of work one should be involved in. That should come from one's heart. Sometimes, it's difficult to hear the language of the Heart.

What gives you wings? Or energy that lets you run around and work all day? Is there an activity, a hobby, an idea that inspires you every time you do it or think of it?

Is there a way to turn that activity or idea into work that produces monetary results for you? So you can be fulfilled not only emotionally and spiritually, but also financially.

First, find out what gives you fire. Then, commit yourself to it for a long time, without a break, and in all earnestness.

The second layer to this puzzle is selflessness. Is there a way you can make your work about others? Or serve others in some way. That type of work gives one the greatest satisfaction.

When one's work is only for personal gain, it is never enough. One can never be fulfilled. But when your work is done as service to benefit others, whether it's your own family, a child, a charity, or for the Universal good, one receives endless satisfaction from their actions. Why? Because even a simple smile from someone benefitting from your work will fill you with more energy and purpose.

Good Luck!

WIth Love and Light!

~ Yogi Mir

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How to make a living in modern times? NEW
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