Individualized Coaching Plans

10-Element Coaching is based on your completed Health & Lifestyle History Form. 

All Coaching Plans are used as guidelines to address specific health needs and concerns, and follow proven patterns of progress.

Every Coaching program is individualized, and the most appropriate Plan is selected to reach your health and lifestyle goals. 

4 Sessions of 60 minutes are recommended for each Coaching Plan. 

Coaching Plans

1. Energy Booster

If you find yourself dragging through the day, not getting enough sleep, unable to focus, feeling unmotivated, or losing sight of your passion, this may be the right Plan for you. 

2. Fitness, Strength, and Weight Loss

If you would like to gain a higher level of fitness, aerobic capacity, muscle strength, joint stability, flexibility, balance, and coordination, as well as lose weight, or find your optimal weight, this may be the Plan for you. 

3. Athletic Performance Optimization

If you would like to improve your athletic performance, stave off injuries, and maintain a high level of athleticism, this may be the Plan for you. 

4. Stress Buster and Mental Serenity

If you catch yourself biting your nails, pulling your hair, grinding your teeth, getting into petty fights with yourself and others, being overly judgmental and irritable, and losing your mental peace, this may be the best Plan for you. 

5. Pain Relief/Injury Treatment and Prevention

If you find yourself in physical pain, dealing with chronic tension or injuries, current or recurring, this may be the best Plan for you. 

6. Discovering Your Authentic Self and Life's Meaning

If you feel that you had lost your way in life, unsure of what your life's purpose may be, or where to find it, this may be the Plan for you.