Clearing and Focusing

Focusing, or Concentration, is one of the main practices in Yoga.

Concentration is different from Meditation which is a focused state of mind. Before meditation, one has to learn to focus their attention.

Usually, we practice focusing our attention on one thing such as the breath, a sound (Mantra), or a sensation. 

You gain a strong and focused mind with this practice. This ability to focus can be applied to all other areas in your life.

However, before we focus on something important in our lives, we must choose between a multitude of projects and commitments. Many people have several commitments that may feel equally important. 

To discern which project should be pursued next, it's useful to do what I call Clearing:

1. Spend a few minutes at the end of each week to determine what is at the top of your priority list at this time, and what projects can wait. 

2. Once you choose the most important thing to do, open your calendar for the upcoming week. 

3. Select specific days and times this week which you can dedicate to this project - this would be at the expense of other commitments (only for this week) - meaning you will have to clear/cancel less important appointments and projects in favor of your initial choice.

4. Once you have cleared the times and set up your calendar for the week, use your the skill you have gained from Yoga: FOCUS on your priority this entire week, and see how effective your actions can be, and how successful you can be. 

Happy Clearing! and Don't forget to...
Pause for Peace!

~ Yogi Mir