Yogi Mir Yoga isn’t always intended to be serious.

It’s about Joy and lots of laughter. Laughter is a wonderful tool to reduce stress. So Yogi Mir and I decided to put together a few fun and humorous ideas in the world of yoga today. Check them out here and feel free to comment or contribute: Yoga Jokes and Humor.

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Featured yoga practice - Bow Pose
Bow Pose Please practice mindfully!

- improves sluggish digestion
- reduces mental stress
- energizes the body and speeds up metabolism
- reverses slouching and bad posture
- reduces back pain

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Upcoming Yoga Workshop!
APRIL 19, 2009
Quantum Rhythm Yoga™: Awakening to a Healing Current
Sunday, 2:30AM - 4:30AM
Roslindale Yoga Studio
In this workshop, you will:
~ Learn to connect to the natural healing rhythms within, readily available as tools for personal healing;
~ Learn practical methods for healing at the cellular level;
~ Add new layers and dimensions to your yoga practice;
~ Learn to direct energy within your body;
~ Optimize your personal daily rhythms to harmonize with the rhythms and cycles in nature.

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