Once upon a time, a young yogi traveled through the Tibetan mountains in search of a teacher.

Mountain Temple

At the end of his long trek, he came across a small mountain village and observed the following scene.

A few village men were carrying a crying woman. She was in pain and a dark red stream colored her clothes as the blood gushed out of a large wound in her side.

The men sped hastily up the hill, leaving a bloody trail.

The young yogi asked a stranger where they were taking her. To a sacred mountain temple, he found out.

He followed the painful screams up the hill.

Please follow this link and scroll down the page to Healing Miracle #3 to read the rest of the story.

Yogi Mir A message from Yogi Mir:

“The purpose of life is to discover lasting Happiness wherever you are.”

Now that we know what we are here on the Earth to do (i.e. discover Happiness), let’s get down to business of walking the walk:

~ being present to what is
~ seeing a divine message in everything and everyone
~ serving others to alleviate suffering
~ treating your own body as a sacred temple where the lasting Happiness can be fully experienced

As far as taking care of your body is concerned, check out the importance of enzymes to healthy digestion and strong immune system.

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Love and Light,
~ Yogi Mir

(translated from Siberian by Surya)

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