Yogi Mir "We don’t remember the times when we sat and thought about the past. We only remember the times when we lived fully in the present."
~ Yogi Mir

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Once upon a time, a man asked a yogi to grant him a personal genie so that he can have the genie do whatever he wishes.

The yogi agreed but warned the man that the genie MUST have something to do or he will eat the man.

“No problem” the man said, “I have plenty of tasks for him.”

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JANUARY 10, 2010
Yoga Kriyas: Ancient Yogic Cleansing Techniques

8AM - 9:20AM
We'll explore some of the ancient yogic practices to cleanse the body of toxins. Please avoid all solid food before this presentation.

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~ Yogi Mir

(translated from Siberian by Surya)