This is a really special issue of the Yoga Lifestyle News because it features a rare event.

As the story goes, Yogi Mir appeared out of a rainbow in a distant land of Siberia. A local photo enthusiast was able to capture this unique occurrence - Yogi Mir catapulting out of the rainbow.

Rainbow Body

Yogi Mir is said to have the Rainbow Body, and is able to transcend the physical laws of nature.

The Rainbow Body is a body of brilliant light, achieved through self-realization and intense yogic practices. The Rainbow Body is so full of Prana, the universal energy, that the need to depend on any other energy source (food, water, air) falls away. The Rainbow Body exists on pure cosmic energy.

According to yoga, a pure vegetarian plant diet is one step toward the Rainbow Body because the plant foods have subtler energy than animal foods.

Another step to achieve a more pure physical body is a regular detoxification practice, like periodic/seasonal fasts. A short fast on water, or the Master Cleanser, allows us to get an idea what it’d be like to live without food when we finally achieve our own Rainbow Body.

Finally, a third step toward the Rainbow Body is a regular Pranayama practice, or Yogic Breathing. Having many physical and spiritual benefits, Pranayama extends one’s life span by oxygenating and detoxifying the cells.

More Prana within the cells raises the cell vibration and increases the body’s sensitivity to the cosmic energy. The body’s sensitivity becomes so heightened that it continually obtains this cosmic energy and is able to synthesize all the necessary life elements from it.

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Love and Light,
~ Surya

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