Animals are natural healers.

Yogi Mir supports Animal Assisted Therapy

Having a pet animal contributes greatly to stress relief.

That is why animal assisted therapy is widely used in hospitals and Special Ed schools around the country.

Even President-Elect Barack Obama said they were going to adopt a puppy from an animal shelter for his daughters.

Stress Relief with Animal Assisted Therapy

Animals are incredibly present and connected to their emotions. When they see us as part of their group, they give us their unconditional love.

Energetically, pet animals share their positive energy/vibration with us all the time, thereby evoking the healing process in us.

Stress Relief with animal assisted Therapy

It seems that pets see us the way we want other people to see us. I am always reminded of the bumper sticker:

"God, Please Help Me to Be the Person
My Dog Thinks I Am"

If you don't own a pet animal, ... they own you. ... (smile) ... What I mean to say is that you can connect to animals without owning one.

You may volunteer at a shelter, which is always so greatly appreciated. You may just make it a habit to go to a dog park, or a dog beach, and watch how happy and present the dogs are. You'll definitely get their healing vibe and find yourself more present and relaxed.

In addition to animal assisted therapy, Yogi Mir gives a few more recommendations for Stress Relief.

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