Yogi Mir “Create an image of yourself that feels good, helps your own growth, and serves others. ”
~ Yogi Mir

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Our Social Masks

We all wear masks as human beings. There’s no other way to relate to the world. A mask is our image we present to ourselves and to others.

For instance: A mask of a single or married woman or man. A mask of a parent or child. A mask of an athletic individual. A mask of a yoga enthusiast. A mask of a shrewd businesswoman. And so on.

Some masks are actually pleasant to wear, while others are not pleasant at all. Some masks are really helpful to your own growth and to other beings, while other masks are very destructive to self and others.

Since masks are unavoidable, why not create a mask?

How about:
“A wise medicine woman who deals with modern world with ease and crystal-clear focus”?
“A light-hearted peaceful warrior who came down the Himalayas in his previous lifetime and needs to find a way to make a living in the 21st century world”?

Get creative and have fun! And then, connect to that image every day. Soon, you and other people will start seeing you that way.


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~ Yogi Mir

(translated from Siberian by Surya)

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