Inspiring Yoga Stories and Articles

yoga articles and inspiring stories
The following is a collection of inspiring yoga stories and yoga articles.

About Yoga and Its Secret Goal
Like a seed planted long ago, yoga popularity germinated, sprouted, and has now become a beautiful bloom with all its traditions, styles, and variations. Obviously, the need is here and now. The world needs its message. Why? What did ancient yogis foresee? ...

What is Yoga Lifestyle?
Attending a bunch of yoga classes every week? Wearing tight yoga pants and, every time you get a chance, flinging silk scarves made in India around your shoulders? Or maybe, the yoga lifestyle means ...

Meditation in Siberia
(an excerpt from Surya's email to San Diego Yoga Community, June 2007)

Imagine if you could do your work, just for the love of doing the work, to benefit others.

Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows
The story illustrates Eastern wisdom to reserve judgment and remain in the present moment to avoid stress and worry.

A Curly Hair
Once upon a time, a man asked a yogi to grant him a personal genie so that he can have the genie do whatever he wishes. The yogi agreed but warned the man that the genie MUST have something to do or he will eat the man. “No problem” the man said, “I have plenty of tasks for him.”

How to Create Change in the World
How do we create change in the world? Yoga wisdom tells us that we need to start at the most basic level. To create change, begin with an individual. What is even more basic than a single human being? The stuff we are all made of: atoms and subatomic particles. “You are what you eat” as the saying goes. But what about our mind? Is the mind also made of atoms? Not exactly…

Celebrate Life: A Story
That is what life is, it is a celebration, this whole universe is a celebration of existence. Every thing in the universe celebrates life in its own unique way. Why does a flower bloom? Why does it give fragrance? Why is it beautiful? The mind always asks this question. What is the reason for this, or for that?

Mount Laguna Story
I was in the middle of a huge grassy field surrounded by mountains and forest. The grass was about two feet tall and it swayed with the wind in waves and circles. There was a dark silhouette of a mountain in front of me, and right above it, in the purple sky, was a single star...