Yoga Lifestyle

Happiness derives from a life of positive action.

Positive action is twofold: 

1. Self-transformation - toward perfect health, peaceful mind, stress-free attitude, and many other self-directed benefits that Yoga Lifestyle offers.

2. Making a difference in other people's lives - through selfless actions, meaningful work, healthy community, loving relationships. 

= Yoga Lifestyle 

Yoga Lifestyle Coach offers education, guidance, and inspiration. 

Yoga Lifestyle is based on forming lifestyle habits as a Tapas Practice. Each habit must be:


(you must be able to actually do it with reasonable effort)


(set parameters on when, where, how, and how long you will keep this habit)


(track your daily progress)

Tapas is an  ancient Yogic tool for positive transformation.

Tapasya, or Tapas, means "To Burn" or "To Purify" in Sanskrit.

Going through a change, adopting new lifestyle habits, brings positive transformation, however there is a certain amount of discomfort that may come with changes. Yogis have welcomed this habit-forming discomfort as Purification. 

Discomfort from Positive Transformation = Tapas = Purification of one's ego and negative habits

Yogis talk about the metaphor of gold purified in a hot furnace as it gets separated from impurities. Similarly, one’s negative habits get burned with the practice of Tapas.

The "Meaning of Life" Story

Yoga lifestyle is a life of balance between "cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the Light".

Once a young man wanted to know the meaning of life. He searched high and low; he took courses and workshops; but still he could not quite grasp it.

One day, he went to hear a Master speak. At the end of the lecture, the young man raised his hand and asked: 

"Could you please explain the meaning of life?"

The audience chuckled at the eternal question and started to get up to leave. The Master replied: 

"That's a very good question. I have the answer right here in my bag."

 He took out a small mirror, captured a ray of light with it, and directed the light to the young man's face.

"Can you all see how I am catching the light and directing it to his face?" he asked. "The meaning of life," the Master explained, "is to gather Light and to take it where it is needed the most. Your purpose is to capture Light and take it to a dark place in the world."

Yoga Lifestyle is about two actions"cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the Light".

The mirror is the mind and the body. They have to be healthy, and calm to catch the Light in the first place. Yoga lifestyle is therefore about purifying the mind and keeping the body healthy.