Vazga Valamudan - Vethathiri

by Vazga Valamudan - Vethathiri

* Habit is Destiny.

* Man, society and nature all are interlinked with one another. Man cannot be separated from this.

* God + Imprints = Man; Man - Imprints = God.

* Every man is due to the society because all are enjoying the benefits and prosperities of the society.

* A proper spiritual approach for changing the behaviour of man and establishing World Peace is Karma Yoga.

* Whatever an action may be, there is a result. And for every result there is an action or cause. This is the cause and effect system which never fails.

* To live in harmony, do not command, do not comment, do not demand.

* Constant awareness, introspection and planned action, these three would develop your intellect. Success then is certain in life.

* An integrated practice of reorganizing and restructuring the body and the mind for a newly planned life is Kundalini Yoga.

* Using violence against violence carefully in inevitable circumstance is non-violence.

* No one can take away from you what Providence has allotted for you.

* The husband-wife relationship is divine; no other can equal it in its depth and intensity, because only in this relationship the union of souls occur.

* Vegetarianism is the only way of life based on the observance of non-violence. Non-violence is a method of living without hurting, torturing, or killing any living being for one's own enjoyment.

* Do not comment on the activities of others, even if it be your life-partner or children. Guiding them is one thing, but criticizing them would have a negative effect.

* When you practice meditation, you get God consciousness and undisturbed peace in you. That will be added as a plus point to your material benefits also.

* Giving up and giving up whatever is not wanted whether it is men, material, action, or enjoyment is the method of purification and enlightenment.

* Man has to understand the value of himself, the purpose of birth, and has to develop his consciousness to fulfill the purpose.

* Consciousness is the radical universal principle.

* Jnana Yoga (SKY) is the process of throwing light on the souls to guide them in reaching their goal quickly without unnecessary delay. This is possible by attaining the full understanding of Truth, Universe, Life and Knowledge.

* The benefits of Nature are all over the Universe but the secrets of Nature are only within your own Mind. Go in and in to get more and more.

* Desire of experiencing God through senses will never be successful. By developing your Consciousness you have to become God yourself.

* The art of tolerating the needs, regulating the habits and making better use of the environments for the harmony of self and others is Morality.

* When man realizes himself, he realizes the value of everybody. So to respect the needs and ambitions of others and to restrict and moralize one's own activities becomes possible.

* There is no problem in Nature, the only problem is in the Mind.

* The principal goal of introspection is examining yourself and finding out "What You are?"

* The one and only valid test for a person's wisdom is the peace and harmony prevailing in his family.

* The three main ways in which man wastes his energy are Greed, Anger and Worry.

* Man's needs and achievements must be compatible to and in accordance with the purpose of his birth.

* To speak or act in a manner which will wound the feelings of one's life-partner is really a curse that will leave an indelible impact on the human mind.

* Revelation of the realities of Nature and enlightenment of Consciousness are not by any effort. Effort means conditioning.

* Awareness is a higher stage of knowledge in its evolutionary progress towards wisdom.

* We are not separate in the World; We are linked by the universal force which is called Universal Consciousness.

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