sustainable real estate equity for all people

by Arthur Renner
(Mesa, Arizona, USA)

I have worked in architecture/construction for much of my 56 years. I know all of the building trades. All of the 50 homes and a few commercial buildings were designed by myself with occasional input from buyers and other sources.

I know of a way to develop eco-friendly buildings, towns, and cities at a fraction of what it costs today. And I have thought of a way that all kinds of real estate could be bought and sold in 5 minutes or so rather than the laborious process existing now.

The energy systems I have designed are far more efficient than anything presently known. I am eager to build some prototypes as soon as time and circumstances will allow it.

There are a nearly infinite number of ideas for every facet of life, but I am only one person, for now.

Thanks for asking me to share-----Art Renner

Yogi Mir responds: How impressive! Thank you, Art.

It sounds like you are ahead of the game. It will take some time for the majority of builders, and just people in general, to catch up to all the eco-conscious real estate ideas.

Thank you for your contribution here. Let's spread the word. Best of luck in all of your endeavors.

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Sep 28, 2015
real estate equity NEW
by: Violet Epps

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