MesaStila in Central Java

by Gerrit





MesaStila is nine hundred meters above sea level and has been composed as a labour-of-love by its various owners over the years; supporting over one-hundred and eighty years of habitation in many forms - from plantation owners to resort guests. The property includes such relics as a Colonial-era railway station, the prior residence of a Javanese Prince and the original plantation owner’s house from 1928; all surrounded by coffee trees that have been grafted and grown from the original Robusta-Arabica plants nearly two hundred years ago.

The hotel offers great spaces for private and group yoga sessions and equally includes daily yoga for all guests.

We can recommend the distinct Javanese flavour – with traditional martial-arts; Java-coffee scrubs; Javanese food with a healthy twist; an immersion to the healthy-healing garden of Losari and the service of skilled local practitioners who offer traditional healing services: from Jamu to Javanese massage.

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